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Russia Participating Athletes
IRIS Rhodes 2009 - Participating Athletes
#CountrySurname, NameEvents
199 Russia Andryushchenko, Elena FEMALE200m class:2 S.B.:28,7
400m class:2 S.B.:1.02,5
200 Russia Andryushchenko, Vladimir MALEShot Put class:2
Discus class:2
201 Russia Batalova, Rima FEMALE800m class:2 S.B.:2.23,1
1500m class:2 S.B.:4.58,4
5000m class:2
202 Russia Bratko, Evgeny MALEDiscus class:3
Shot Put class:3
203 Russia Bystrov, Anatoly MALE4X400m class:2
400m class:2 S.B.:53,5
204 Russia Kegelev, Evgeny MALELong Jump class:2 S.B.:6.46
Tripple Jump class:2 S.B.:13.45
205 Russia Khavlin, Igor MALE5000m class:2 S.B.:16.45.00
10000m class:2 S.B.:36.14.20
206 Russia Koptev, Andrey MALE4X400m class:1
100m class:1 S.B.:11.50
Long Jump class:1 S.B.:5.61
Tripple Jump class:1 S.B.:12.60
4X100m class:1
207 Russia Kornilov, Dmitry MALE400m class:3 S.B.:52,8
800m class:3 S.B.:2,01.6
208 Russia Labzin, Alexey MALE4X100m class:3
100m class:3 S.B.:10.88
200m class:3 S.B.:21.87
209 Russia Loginov, Artem MALE4X100m class:2
200m class:2
100m class:2
210 Russia Morozov, Vladimir MALE100m class:2 S.B.:11.60
200m class:2 S.B.:23,5
211 Russia Pautova, Elena FEMALE800m class:2 S.B.:2.23,8
1500m class:2 S.B.:4.44,6
5000m class:2
212 Russia Pomykalov, Ildar MALE5000m class:2 S.B.:16.34
10000m class:2 S.B.:35,21,9
213 Russia Prokofyeva, Marta FEMALEShot Put class:2 S.B.:10.96
Discus class:2 S.B.:30,20
214 Russia Semenova, Olga FEMALE200m class:3 S.B.:28,8
400m class:3 S.B.:1.05,0
Pentathlon class:3
215 Russia Surkova, Alexandra FEMALELong Jump class:3
216 Russia Tayganov, Artem MALE800m class:1 S.B.:2.11,2
1500m class:1 S.B.:4.39,3
217 Russia Trikolich, Fedor MALE4X400m class:2
100m class:2 S.B.:11.18
200m class:2 S.B.:23,30
4X100m class:2
218 Russia Zverev, Alexander MALE200m class:3 S.B.:23.3
400m class:3 S.B.:50,30
4X400m class:3
IBSA Open Europe Championships “IRIS” Rhodes 2009
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