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Spain Participating Athletes
IRIS Rhodes 2009 - Participating Athletes
#CountrySurname, NameEvents
224 Spain ARROYO, MIGUEL ANGEL MALE1500m class:2
800m class:2 S.B.:1:58.07
225 Spain AVILA, ABEL MALE800m class:2 S.B.:1:58.60
1500m class:2 S.B.:4:03.20
5000m class:2 S.B.:15:07.24
226 Spain AVILA, IGNACIO MALE800m class:2 S.B.:1:59.88
1500m class:2 S.B.:4:06.03
227 Spain BERGES, MELANY FEMALE100m class:2 S.B.:14.00
Long Jump class:2 S.B.:4.98
228 Spain CASINOS, DAVID MALEShot Put class:1 S.B.:14.40
Discus class:1 S.B.:38.60
229 Spain CASTELLANO, JESSICA FEMALEShot Put class:2
Discus class:2
Javelin class:2
230 Spain CONGOST, ELENA FEMALE5000m class:2
800m class:2 S.B.:2:22.74
1500m class:2 S.B.:4:54.50
231 Spain DE PEDRAZA, RICARDO MALE1500m class:1
5000m class:1
10000m class:1
232 Spain GUILABERT, OCTAVIO MALEJavelin class:2 S.B.:55.63
233 Spain LOPEZ, KIM MALEDiscus class:3
234 Spain LÁZARO, ROSALÍA FEMALE100m class:2 S.B.:13.90
Long Jump class:2 S.B.:5.38
236 Spain MARTINEZ, MARIA FEMALEDiscus class:2 S.B.:36.26
235 Spain MARTINEZ, SARA FEMALE100m class:2 S.B.:13.70
Long Jump class:2 S.B.:5.45
237 Spain NGUI, EVA FEMALE100m class:2 S.B.:12.49
200m class:2 S.B.:25.69
238 Spain NIEVES, GUSTAVO MALE1500m class:2
5000m class:2
10000m class:2
239 Spain PORRAS, JAVIER MALE100m class:1 S.B.:11.90
Long Jump class:1 S.B.:5.60
Tripple Jump class:1 S.B.:12.87
240 Spain RODRÍGUEZ, MAXIMILIANO MALE100m class:2 S.B.:11.40
200m class:2 S.B.:23.43
241 Spain SUÁREZ, ALBERTO MALE5000m class:2
High Jump class:2
10000m class:2 S.B.:32:13.34
IBSA Open Europe Championships “IRIS” Rhodes 2009
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